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What’s the Group Vertical rewards program?

The Reward Points program is our customer reward program, allowing customers to receive incentives and reward points on every purchase of a product as well as reward points for all other actions on our site (such as registering, subscribing to the Group Vertical's Newsletter, referring friends etc).

How does it work?

Reward points will be directly added to your account as soon as you complete certain actions in the Group Vertical Store. You can use those reward points towards the purchase of any item from our store.

The reward offers are:

  • Sign-up at the Group Vertical store - 100 Points
  • Subscription to the Group Vertical Newsletter - 25 Points
  • Referral click - 50 points
  • First referral purchase - 75 Points
  • Referral registration - 40 Points
  • Voting pole - 25 points

Your balance will grow with each item you buy from Group Vertical. You can use rewards points towards the purchase of any item from our store. While not redeemable for cash, the points can be used at a rate of 50 points for $1 off any product in your cart. You can begin earning points as soon as you sign up and make your first purchase.

All the points for these actions will be added to your account. You can check your total Reward points balance at My Account > My reward points.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, please feel free to  contact us with any questions you have!