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Please feel free to browse our guides for advice on many different subjects, including distinguishing the differences between repair parts, video tutorials, picture guides & more!  For video guides please visit our repair video page here.

Visual Differences of Similar Replacement Parts:  Check these guides for the differences between replacement parts for similar models.

  1. iPad 1:  What is the difference between an iPad 1 Digitizer Touch Screen Replacement Part with WiFi only vs. an iPad 1 with WiFi + 3G?
  2. iPad 2, 3, 4, Air:  What are the differences between iPad 2, 3, 4 & Air Digitizer Touch Screen Replacement Parts?
  3. iPad Mini:  What is the difference between an iPad Mini Digitizer Touch Screen with an IC Chip + Home Button Installed vs. one without?
  4. iPhone 4:  What are the differences between an iPhone 4 CDMA, 4 GSM and 4S Digitizer Touch Screen + LCD Assembly Replacement Parts?
  5. iPhone 5:  What are the differences between an iPhone 5, 5c and 5s Digitizer Touch Screen + LCD Assembly Replacement Parts?
  6. Samsung Galaxy:  What are the differences between a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 Digitizer Touch Screen + LCD Assembly Replacement Parts?
  7. USB Connection Ports:  What are the differences between USB Connection Ports that are Male, Female, Mini, Micro, Type-A, Type-B, 2.0 and 3.0?

External Resources

There are many great tutorials and guides for repairing your devices on the internet. One of the best resources available to you is  We suggest visiting for assistance repairing your device. Other great sites for technical advice include:

Exploded View Teardown Diagrams

Apple iPhone 4 - Exploded




Apple iPhone 4S - Exploded



Apple iPhone 5 - Exploded




Apple iPhone 6 - Exploded




Apple iPad Air - Exploded




Apple iPad Mini 16GB - (WiFi Only) - Exploded




Samsung Galaxy S5 - Exploded




Samsung Galaxy S6 - Exploded




HTC One (M7) - Exploded




Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Exploded