Original Remarkable 2 Marker & Marker Plus Stylus Tips - 9 Pack Black


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Remarkable 2 Replacement Marker Tips - Enhance the longevity of your Remarkable 2 stylus with these replacement Stylus pen tips from Group Vertical.

Stylus Pen Tips - These tips are compatible with reMarkable 2 Marker (Gray Stylus) and Marker Plus (Black Stylus). The color of the nibs and the ink is black.

Remarkable 2 Pen Tips - These tips are designed to deliver paper-like resistance and make your digital writing, sketching or drawing experience very realistic as if you are actually doing the task on paper.

Remarkable 2 Stylus Nibs Pack - This pack contains 9 tips for the Remarkable 2 Stylus pen and one marker tip remover tool to help you in changing your stylus tips.

About the Brand - Group Vertical was established in 2009 and has grown to become the leader in wholesale replacement parts for cell phones, tablets, and laptops, along with refurbished phones, accessories, and more.

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