[2 Pack - 8 Cubes Total] Large 2" Ice Cube Trays for Whiskey, Bourbon and Cocktails – Silicone Round or Square Cubes

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Shape: 8 Round Black
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SLOW-MELTING LARGE ICE CUBES – These perfectly oversized classic shapes, 1.75-inch square and sphere cubes will cool your drink quickly and last long enough to pour other beverages over it.

MAKES PERFECT SHAPED ICE CUBE SPHERES FOR YOUR GLASS –These cubes and spheres pop out perfectly, no more broken shards of ice, add perfection to every drink. Makes your Whiskey, Bourbon and Cocktails pretty and that much more enjoyable.

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN –Easy to fill, and sturdy enough that they don't spill when putting trays into freezer, flexible silicone makes it easy to pop ice out of the mold, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

SANITARY AND SAFE: Drink with peace of mind, as our silicone ice molds are approved and BPA free. Enjoy them at parties, restaurants, bars, entertaining at home, on your boat, at the pool, and on your travels.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Non-stick feature makes this tray a great multi-purpose kitchen tool. Why limit yourself? Freeze juice, tea, or coffee in the tray for undiluted cold drinks. Freezer-safe and oven-safe, so you can also use it as a candy mold, chocolate mold, or a baking tray for mini treats.

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