E-8000 Large Size 110 ML Industrial Strength Adhesive Glue

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E-8000 Industrial Strength Adhesive surpasses silicones, acrylics and rubber cements because it adheres to more surfaces with greater durability.

E-8000 provides a superior bond on stubborn porous and non-porous substrates to help fix your smartphone, tablet, electronics, jewelry, shoes, plastics, or metal products.

Use this E-8000 Industrial Strength Adhesive 110ml is used to use to complete a back glass housing or screen replacement on smartphones and other electronics.

Highest Quality Goods This E-8000 Industrial Strength Adhesive 110ml is 110ml of clear industrial-strength adhesive glue. Dry time is 3 to 6 minutes; curing time is 24 to 48 hours for best bonding strength.

E-8000 Industrial Strength Adhesive is Waterproof, Non-flammable, Flexible, and Paintable.

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