[100 Pack] Nurse Hair Nets Food Service Disposable, 21" Elastic Disposable Hair Nets

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Hair Net - Whether you are a nurse, a lunch lady or someone working in the food business, hygiene and safety play pivotal roles in your industry. These hair nets are available in a bulk of 100, and are perfect for every such work environment.

Comfortable and Breathable Hair Nets for Women - These hair caps are 100% Spun Bond Polypropylene with an elastic closure, are lightweight, breathable, provide wider hair coverage, and prevent your head from feeling muggy.

Adjustable Sizing : Our disposable hair nets for women come with elastic bands that provide the perfect fit for your head, and doesn’t feel tight as it can stretch up to 21 inches.

Work Environments That Require Hair Nets - Ideal for numerous situations; home, hospital, spa, salon, food service industry, factory work, nursing homes, construction and many more work environments.

Disposable Hair Cap - Each cap has an elastic band to keep the cap in place without sliding, providing your hair protection, and keeping your hair away from your eyes and your work area.

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