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We help cell phone repair businesses increase profits through our LCD Screen recycling program.  Please note that currently we have a 50 piece minimum requirement. 

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Submit a Purchase Request 

Please use the form below to submit a purchase request to us. 







Current Prices as of 12/13/2017 

Model  A grade          B grade            C grade           Chinese copy screens
iPhone X 67.5 40 20 2.5
iPhone 8P LCD 27.5 17.5 10  
iPhone 8G LCD 20 12.5 6.5  
iPhone 7P LCD 26 16 9  
iPhone 7G LCD 16 9.5 5  
iPhone 6SP LCD 16 9 5  
iPhone 6S LCD 7.5 4.5 2.5  
iPhone 6P LCD 9 5.5 3 0.5
iPhone 6G LCD 4.5 2.5 1.5 0.5
iPhone 5S/SE LCD 2 1 0.5  
iPhone 5C LCD 1 0.25 0  
iPhone 5G LCD 2 1 0.5  
iPad mini 4 LCD 10      
iPad Air2 LCD 25      
Pro 12.9'' LCD 10      
iPad Pro 9.7'' LCD 10      
iPad Mini IC   0.5 0.25 0.05  
iPhone Camera  0.25      
Samsung S8  Plus 57.5 42.5 20  
Samsung S8  35 25 10  
Samsung S7 Edge 50 40 22.5  
Samsung S7 35 25 10  
Samsung S6 Edge Plus 35 25 10  
Samsung S6 Edge  25 17.5 7.5  
Samsung S6 30 20 10  
Samsung S5 17.5 10 5  
Samsung S4 12.5 7.5 4  
Samsung S3 10 5 2.5  
Samsung Note 2 7.5 4 2  
Samsung Note 3 20 12.5 7.5  
Samsung Note 4 27.5 15 10  
Samsung Note 5 35 25 10  
Tab S T700 7.5      
Tab S T710 10      
Tab S T800 10      
Tab S T810 10      
Tab Pro S T900 7.5      






Packaging Instructions 

Please package your screens carefully to avoid damage and to receive the most money possible for your broken screens.

1. Screens should be placed into the plastic trays that we send our replacement parts in. The bubble wrap shown on the right will also be acceptable for screen protection.

Great strong electronics limited

2. Once the screens have been placed in the plastic trays or bubble wrap, stack the in a box as shown. 

3. Fill the empty areas of the box with packaging peanuts or padding. This will secure the screens and make sure they are not moving while in transit.

4.Use a hard box.


    5.Or put a bubble chamber in the box to make sure the screens arrive to us safely.


6. Once you've finished packaging your box, make sure its taped together nicely to keep the box from opening at any time.

7. Make sure that you include your order number inside of the box or write on the outside of the box.

8. Ship your screens to us at the following address:

Group Vertical Recycling
678 Front Ave STE 199
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
United States of America





Grading Criteria 

Grade A - Fully Functional OEM screen.



Grade BFully Functional OEM screen that contains dead pixels or back light problems.




Grade CHigh copy screens (original LCD with changed flex cables), OEM LCD with pressure points, dead pixels, no 3D touch, or critical back light problems. 



Grade D - Bad LCD Screen, Bad Touch, or copy LCD with problems.






Terms & Conditions

  • Group Vertical buy back prices are estimates only and based on current industry rates. Prices are subject to change at Group Vertical's discretion. In-Store Credit awarded is based on device testing results.
  • Any returned screens will be sent at your shipping expense.
  • Group Vertical will supply you with a confirmation number that should be referenced in all communication and on the outside of your package.
  • Group Vertical must receive all broken screens/LCDs within 10 days of our buy back confirmation email. Any items received after 10 days will be subject to return.
  • Seller is responsible for all shipping and insurance.
  • Minimum quantity for buy-back program is 50 screens total. These can be from different manufacturers/models.
  • Group Vertical will provide you a summary of the testing results. We ask that you review these results/amounts and send us your acknowledgement. Usually this process is completed within 10 days of receiving your screens.
  • Group Vertical will issue store credit within 48 hours of your acceptance of our testing.
  • This policy is subject to change without notice in our sole discretion.