Buyback Form



The Group Vertical Buyback Program offers you money for many eligible wireless devices—no matter the carrier. And the process is simple: fill out our online form below, send us your eligible LCD screens, and we’ll credit your account. On this page you can find out what models we are accepting and how much you stand to make with in-store credit from selling them back to us. Fill out the simple form and a Group Vertical representative will contact you by email to discuss your payment. To ensure you will receive maximum value for your LCD screens, please follow our packaging guide to avoid damage during shipment.

iPhone 5/5C/5S $1.80
iPhone 6 $5.40
iPhone 6+ $9.60
iPhone 6S $9.00
iPhone 6S Plus $15.60
iPhone 7 $19.20
iPhone 7 Plus $24.60

  • You must provide a valid email address or leave appropriate contact information in the Comments Section so that we may credit the appropriate account.
  • Group Vertical buy back prices are estimates only and based on current industry rates. Prices are subject to change at Group Vertical's discretion. In-Store Credit awarded is based on device testing results.
  • All LCD’s must be from original manufacturer (OEM), 100% functional, and in good condition to receive credit. No aftermarket, broken, or non-working LCD’s will be accepted. Any LCD’s determined to not meet these standards will be discarded unless requested to be returned. Any returned screens will be sent at your shipping expense.
  • Group Vertical will supply you with a confirmation number that should be referenced in all communication and on the outside of your package.
  • Group Vertical must receive all broken screens/LCDs within 10 days of our buy back confirmation email. Any items received after 10 days will be subject to return.
  • Seller is responsible for all shipping and insurance.
  • Minimum quantity for buy-back program is 20 screens total. These can be from different manufacturers/models.
  • Group Vertical will provide you a summary of the testing results. We ask that you review these results/amounts and send us your acknowledgement. Usually this process is completed within 10 days of receiving your screens.
  • Group Vertical will issue store credit within 48 hours of your acceptance of our testing.
  • This policy is subject to change without notice in our sole discretion.