When Prices Fluctuate, Group Vertical Adjusts To Benefit The Customer

You may have noticed prices on Group Vertical parts adjusting from time to time. Most times these will go down but sometimes they may also go up. Why is this? What causes these prices to adjust?

Group Vertical is constantly researching the products we offer with our international partners in order to obtain them at the lowest costs we can find. Almost always when a new device comes out it will take some time for our suppliers to offer these at reasonable prices. As our factory partners refine their production process, we are able to procure them for lower and lower pricing.

As our price drops, so does the price we charge you. Quite simply when we can buy something lower then we immediately drop the price you pay to match this.

While normally our prices drop, there are times when they go up. Limited supplies, international holidays, customs and other factors may cause some products to cost us more and therefore result in a slightly higher price for a short period of time. These situations are generally short lived and the costs return to previous levels.

The bottom line is that Group Vertical will always provide you with the lowest, most up to date pricing for all items we carry based on our large buying power. So, rest easy when you visit our site with the knowledge that the prices you are paying are always in line with current market conditions.