When it Comes to Tech Support, The Computer Shop Really Does it All

When you need quality replacement parts, you visit our online store, but when you're looking for peerless end-user support, few offer as robust a service as The Computer Shop.

Jason McGonnigal has been running The Computer Shop for 10 years now. Starting from a home-based business McGonnigal and his company have spent the last 3 in their 118 W Main Street location in Endicott, NY.

McGonnigal says he likes being a Group Vertical customer for the ability to order products and receive them quickly.

The Computer Shop offers a variety of services on-site and remotely, including desktop and laptop repairs, virus and malware removal, system cleaning and tune-ups, data recovery and backup solutions, and Apple and Mac support, among other options. McGonnigal will even help clients upgrade or build a new computer from the ground up with new and used systems and parts in stock.

"A lot of companies in the area just do Commercial based IT support," McGonnigal says. "We do it all."

And he really means they do it all. The Computer Shop's technicians use a fully equipped rework station, complete with micro-soldering tools that are indispensable for fine technological repairs. Of course, even the most routine operations get McGonnigal's full attention.

"IT and computer repair is like being a fire fighter," he says. "Sure we have our planned stuff for customers but when the door opens or the phone rings it's a whole different alarm or customer issue."

And for most of those issues, McGonnigal is happy to depend on GV+ parts from Group Vertical.

Find out more about Jason McGonnigal and The Computer Shop at http://thecomputershopny.com/

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