We’re Here. A Coronavirus Update.

It’s past the point when most Americans can get away with only reading about the spread of COVID-19 – or coronavirus – and must now actively protect themselves from infection. Due to the pandemic, our home state of Michigan has officially declared a state of emergency, and all K-12 schools have closed until Monday, April 6 at the earliest. Events are getting cancelled left and right, and plenty of businesses are bracing for a harder economic blow.

We’re happy to see that in the midst of all this uncertainty, many organizations are outlining their contingency plans for keeping people safe, and we’re no exception. We’d like to share with you the measures we’re taking to keep you and our team members safe.

What’s Group Vertical Doing About COVID-19?

We plan to operate our business like normal, or as close to normal as circumstances allow. We will maintain the same business hours and shipping schedule, and plan to staff our office and warehouse with team members to assist you. We are confident that, despite logistical difficulties arising from school closures and possible illness, our office will be at the very least be adequately staffed to fulfill all of your needs over the coming weeks.

We are following the latest updates and advice from the CDC and WHO, in addition to implementing a number of workplace safety precautions in accordance with our organizational pandemic plan. Our cleaning procedures have been bolstered, and our team members have been educated on all safety precautions, up to and including staying home from work should illness strike.

For our customers who stop by for in-store pickup, you are welcome to continue visiting. Rest assured that we are doing our utmost to keep a safe and healthy workplace. If you would prefer not to visit due to your own safety precautions, please remember that we now offer free standard shipping on all orders of all sizes for your convenience.

What Should You Do?

Media is awash in advice for keeping yourself safe from COVID-19. We would direct you to the COVID-19 topic pages at both the CDC and WHO, where you will find the best steps for preventing, treating, and tracking news about the virus. Our advice? Listen to the experts.

The Silver Lining? The Supply Chain Is Stabilizing.

There’s a single little strand of silver lining to accompany this news, and that is that the supply chain for repair parts has been picking up steam. An Update on Our stock levels are rising, and barring any unforeseen factory or market closures in China, they should remain high. We continue to work with our suppliers to consistently source our parts, and to find alternative sources if necessary.

Most parts you require for popular repairs will be available in the coming weeks.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

We hope this clarifies how Group Vertical will continue to operate as COVID-19 ramps up in North America. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us by phone, chat, or email.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our society, and as the crisis changes, we will continue to provide you with updates relating to Group Vertical. We’re all in this together, and we want to make sure you know exactly how things stand for us.

In the meantime, please stay safe! Please stay healthy! We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we brace for COVID-19 over here in Michigan, and we wish you and your loved ones the best.

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