Watch New Products In Action As Soon As We Get Them On Facebook Live

If you didn't notice on September 16, we've started live streaming teardowns of new and selected products and tools on Facebook. Our first video detailed the inner workings of the iPhone 7, but we will soon be taking apart several other popular devices.

We're excited about our live broadcasts for a number of reasons. We're getting an early look at the latest technology and a chance to connect with our friends and customers. We're also learning about the nature and repairability of these new devices as they're taken apart. For instance, in our recent iPhone 7 video, we discovered that much of the device is secured by trilobe screws, and the particular toolset needed to open up the remainder of the phone was in production. Once the tools for the iPhone 7 have been release, we intend to post a full teardown of the device and go into further detail.

Our friend Holger from HolgerTech has been providing the technological expertise and the steady hands for the smartphone teardowns, while Group Vertical Director of Sales and Marketing Steve Morse introduces our short feature and fields questions from viewers.

Interact with us during one of these live recordings and we'll try our best to get you the right answers. Facebook Live allows us to see your comments in real time, which means you're seeing everything just as we see it, too. Wondering what sort of tool Holger is using, or where to find them on our site? Ask away and we'll answer you live.

From time to time, we'll even be taking you behind the scenes at Group Vertical and introducing you to the people and products that make our job exciting; the who and how of what we do. And the best part about all of it is, the videos will be stored forever in our Facebook video archive. Feel free to consult it whenever you have questions about the latest popular devices!

Do you have any questions or technology you'd like us to explore? Drop us a line from our website or email In the meantime, Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn for more technology updates, and be sure to catch our Friday pop quizzes to win in-store credit toward your next purchase at Group Vertical.