Vertii MFi Certified Lightning Cables Provide Power You Can Count On

When you're in need of a charge, you need it now, and you need it quickly.

We understand. There are few things more frustrating than nearing 0% and having a knock-off lightning cord power down your important work as well as your phone. You need a reliable connection, and fortunately, we've got a few.

Since Apple first released the 8-pin lightning cable design in 2012, we've seen quite a few versions come from overseas. In earlier years, the quality was spotty at best. If you've ever purchased a lightning cable for under $10 online, you'll know doubt understand the struggle. We've been frustrated with the imitations, too.

But we've also been keeping track of the manufacturers that can provide quality products under Apple's rigorous specifications. Under the Vertii label, Group Vertical has produced its own licensed line of lightning cables that work with Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone. These cables not only meet Apple's standards, they've been field tested to meet ours and yours, which is most important.

Our Vertii MFi certified lightning cables are easily recognizable by the Vertii logo on the lightning connector and peerless conductivity. The USB-connector end of the cord plays just as important a role in keeping your device charged. And, of course, there are points to visibly check for quality on the USB shell, too.

In the coming months, we will be rolling out some other products under the Vertii name as well. You can look forward to USB-C cables, tempered glass screen protectors and more as the technology landscape changes.

We're happy to provide these solutions for our customers. Shopping at our online store is a convenient way to find the parts you need when you need them, and if you have any questions, our customer service department is no further than a chat away.

As parts and accessories for the iPhone 7 become available, you can be sure to find them in our shop. In the meantime, Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn for more technology updates, and be sure to catch our Friday pop quizzes to win in-store credit toward your next purchase at Group Vertical.