Updated 2/26/2020:

Unfortunately, the coronavirus COVID-19 has spread outside of China. Following outbreaks reported in over 30 countries, the CDC is warning Americans to prepare for its spread in the US. Heightened precautions are advised, such as regularly washing your hands, staying home when sick, frequently disinfecting surfaces, avoiding close contact with people who are sick, and covering your coughs and sneezes. We encourage you to learn more about COVID-19 on the CDC website.

Regarding the repair parts supply chain, production plants in China have reopened and are producing limited numbers of high-demand products for export. We are able to source popular replacement parts, including screen assemblies and batteries for Apple iPhones and iPads. However, the Chinese government will shut down any plant where an employee has become infected, possibly for up to 14 days at a time.

We’re unable to accurately predict what the future holds, but for now the supply chain is back up in a limited capacity, with the possibility of further disruptions. We will continue to notify you with updates about the crisis. In the meantime, we advise you to stay current with news on COVID-19 and exercise caution if it becomes a threat in your area.


Original Story (2/12/2020)

As you may know, the coronavirus outbreak in China has grown more severe over the past few weeks, and as authorities work to contain its spread, it continues to affect business with Chinese suppliers. The repair parts industry we belong to relies heavily on products produced in China and distributed in the Shenzhen market in Guangdong Province, close to Hong Kong. Our team members in China report that the Shenzhen market will remain closed until February 19 at the very earliest.

Outbreak Coincides with Chinese New Year

You may also be aware that the coronavirus outbreak coincided with the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which traditionally lasts about 23 days, and during which large manufacturing facilities shut down and most workers travel to their hometowns to be with family. During this time of year, we order surplus stock to ride out the season until business resumes and we can reorder new stock. Due to this coincidence, we purchased extra stock for the majority of our popular items before the outbreak intensified, and most of it is still available for purchase.

The outbreak has caused the Chinese government to officially extend the Chinese New Year holiday season, causing many Chinese citizens to be quarantined in provinces away from their workplaces. Another significant influence on our supply chain is that once Chinese New Year ends, many workers change jobs, which adds in a buffer period of one to two weeks for training before normal production resumes.

Our Estimated Date for New Parts Orders

While it’s difficult to predict the end of China's quarantine measures, we’re optimistic that, with our current inventory and by working with vendors outside of China, we will have the parts you need to continue doing repairs. We are in constant contact with our team members in China, and we will continue to inform you of the outbreak’s effect on our supply chain. Based on the latest news, we expect to be able to order parts by the end of the month and have them ready by the first week of March.

Until this crisis ends, please keep those who have died, been afflicted, or are otherwise directly affected by coronavirus in your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we work with our team in China to safely and responsibly navigate this crisis.

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