Unlocked Phones Offer Freedom, Adaptability

There's no shame in saying you don't feel like being tied down.

We understand. You need your freedom. That's why Group Vertical carries unlocked smart phones available from our website, Amazon, eBay, and Google. You choose the carrier, you choose the model, and you live on your own terms.

Leave it Unlocked

By offering unlocked phones, we're offering you the freedom to update your phone or plan as soon as better options come along, at a price that makes sense to your budget. Group Vertical carries two types of unlocked smart phones to fit your lifestyle. Some are designated to common carriers, like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, and some are free to use among several other carriers. Other terms you may come across are "Clean" or "Unlocked" IMEI or ESN. This just means the phone is ready to go, and all you need to get up and running is your activated SIM card.

We have access to a wide selection of the latest unlocked Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, and the Note 5. So, whether it's a device for basic use or a tricked-out smart phone for all your social sharing, you can find it at Group Vertical.

Going Somewhere?

International roaming rates can be incredibly high, so buying an unlocked phone before traveling overseas can save you money. Not only are unlocked phones a great tool for international tourists, students, and other jet-setters, with an unlocked phone, you'll pay local rates no matter where you find yourself. Buy one of our factory unlocked Galaxy S6 phones and buy a SIM card at your destination, and you'll be connected in no time.

The Setup

To use an unlocked phone, you will first need a SIM card for the carrier of your choice. SIM cards are small cards that house carrier and user data within your smartphone. If you purchase a replacement phone or upgrade to a new unlocked phone you can usually just transfer the SIM card from your old device. If your old SIM is the wrong size, in poor shape, or you are changing carriers, you will need to purchase a new SIM card from the appropriate carrier.

Pay Attention

You will need to understand network compatibility to choose the correct unlocked phone. There are two network standards used in the U.S. and abroad: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). The major difference between the two is that GSM networks use a SIM card to store a subscriber's identity and info, while CDMA devices rely on electronic serial numbers embedded in the device.

With a factory unlocked phone, you can quickly swap service providers by switching SIM cards. If your T-Mobile or AT&T phone is unlocked, you should have no problems swapping SIM cards between devices on these networks.

Verizon's popular LTE network has made things a little easier, as it uses GSM technology. Newer Sprint and Verizon LTE-enabled devices include a SIM card slot and may work on all GSM networks. However, older phones only use the SIM card for LTE services, and may not be able to access 2G and 3G services for calls and messaging.

Enjoy Your Freedom

As new models are released on the market, you can count on Group Vertical to offer the latest in unlocked smart phones. We're working hard to keep you connected and stay ahead of the curve.