Technology Moves Fast, So Do We

There are a lot of smart people out there. They keep innovation at the forefront of the technology industry, constantly releasing faster, more efficient, more powerful products, and forcing us to be on our toes when new products come in. Luckily, we at Group Vertical are agile enough to anticipate new products and keep you up to date on the parts and accessories needed when they come out.

When Apple releases the iPhone 7 later this year, the market will flood with new cases, screens, cords, and replacement parts. Those hoping to stay current can brave the wilderness of vendors to find the quality products they need, or simply visit our site. The same goes for any other model of device.

We love technology, and our staff is constantly searching for the latest in innovation. In our Product Development department, Leslie and Emily are in touch with the most trusted vendors in the industry and help us quickly obtain the latest products and make them available to you. By listing them in our shop, we can reach customers on Amazon, eBay, and Google. Thanks to them, you have access to it all, which never goes obsolete. You just need to know what to look for.

When these devices come out this year, you can count us to stock all the relevant replacement parts and accessories:

    • Apple iPhone 7 – September
    • Apple iPhone 7 Plus – September
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – mid-August
    • OnePlus 3 – June
    • Sony Xperia X, XA, XA Ultra – X and XA have launched

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 is going to come out in September 2016. That's a fact. What's unknown is pretty much everything else. As noted by Macworld, Apple has alternated between internal upgrades for the 'S' update and a physical redesign for the full-number update, so a redesigned iPhone is anticipated.

Topping the rumors Macworld expects are a 4.7-inch phone (called the iPhone 7), and a 5.5-inch model (the iPhone 7 Plus). Both will need some major redesigning to achieve the thinness Apple is shooting for, leading many to believe the headphone jack will be left out. Battery life and resolution are obviously up for revision as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The interesting thing about the Galaxy Note 6 is that it's called the Galaxy Note 7. The iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 both came out this year, and Samsung has decided to simplify things by skipping a generation.

"The next major Android phablet release from Samsung will be called the Galaxy Note 7 and will feature a dual-edge display," reports The Verge. "Last summer, Samsung generated a bit of confusion and controversy when it launched the dual-edge Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the more regular Galaxy Note 5 at the same time. The confusion stemmed from their overlap in functionality, while the controversy bubbled up when Samsung decided to only offer the dual-edge device in Europe, leaving one of the world's most important smartphone markets without a flagship Note device for the first time since the series' inception."

Fortunately, the device is strong enough to handle the abuse. Expect to see 6GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, new imaging technology and plenty of software features.

OnePlus 3

Co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei has said he hopes the OnePlus 3 will "captivate" users like the OnePlus One did in 2014. However, the only thing Pei has revealed about the design of the new phone is that it will be different from its predecessor, the OnePlus 2.

As Cnet reported, " The OnePlus One was the first smartphone launched by the Chinese manufacturer, and it managed to compete with other high-end devices in the market, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 at the time, mostly due to its high-end specs and affordable price. The sandstone-feel material on the back, which was also featured in the OnePlus 2, is not easy to find on other devices and helped create a special feeling among its followers."

The OnePlus 3 will arrive in the US and other markets as an unlocked phone and will be sold directly by the company.

Sony Experia

According to Cnet, the Sony Xperia X is a winning compact phone for its high-quality camera and ergonomic in-hand fit. The dedicated camera button gives you a convenient quick-shoot option. However, its battery life is constrained and the fingerprint reader will not work on the US version of the phone.

The XA offers an edge-to-edge screen, and the XA Ultra will measure 6" diagonally. All of the Experia models feature a "two-day" battery.

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