Ryan Brondyke And Cell Medic Come To The Rescue

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This week our attention is on Group Vertical wholesale customer Ryan Brondyke, owner and operator of Cell Medic in Grandville, Mich. Cell Medic was founded in 2014 and provides the greater Grand Rapids area with a convenient option for mobile device repair.

"Think of us as paramedics for your phone. After all, breaking your device is inconvenient enough without having to make time in your schedule to drive to a repair shop, wait around while your device is repaired, and fight traffic again on your way back to the office or home," Brondyke says. "That's why we come to you, repair your device on the spot, and we do it for less money than the other guys."

Brondyke's shop is fully stocked with phone parts and specialty tools, and on a typical day he finds himself meeting customers in his "Smartphone Ambulance" to repair phones, tablets, or computers without disrupting his clients' schedules.

"I am able to fix anything from cracked screens to water damage, and everything in between with minimal disruption to the customer’s schedule. I meet customers just about anywhere that's convenient for them; their office, the grocery store, the movie theater, or even their home."

Ryan says he enjoys being a Group Vertical customer because it gets him reliable access to the quality parts he needs on a daily basis, and the customer service department makes the process easy to navigate.

"Group Vertical is my first choice for smartphone parts," Brondyke says.

You can learn more about Brondyke and Cell Medic at his company website and Facebook page.

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