Replace Batteries to Speed Up Old, Slow Apple iPhones

By now you’ve probably read all about how Apple confirmed suspicions that its software updates intentionally slow down older iPhones. And you’ve probably at least heard about the lawsuits, and Apple’s mea culpa-ish bargain pricing for battery replacement. While the rationale for the slowdowns makes sense – who wants a crashing iPhone or a fast-draining battery? – Apple could’ve at least tried to head off the storm by being upfront about things. It all leaves a bad taste of planned obsolescence and hasn’t done anything to build trust with customers.

Now, Apple’s reduced pricing has probably already stuck in most repair techs’ craws, but look at the silver lining. The kerfluffle ensures that people are going to be thinking a lot more about their iPhones’ performance, and you’re in the best position to help them out.

Fix Slow Speeds with a New Battery

Commentary and complaints aside, let’s look at the obvious solution regarding slow iPhones. Evidence supports a new battery can speed up a slow, older iPhone. Newer versions of iOS check a battery’s performance during operation, and if the battery can’t handle high speeds, iOS slows down the processor. Apple doesn’t target older models just because. Theoretically, an iPhone SE with a good battery may outperform an iPhone 7 Plus with a bum one. It’s the battery Apple is concerned about, so you should be, too. A new one isn’t a 100% guaranteed fix, but it should help nevertheless.

Repair techs, now is the time to double down on battery replacement advertising. For DIY’ers, do the research and be confident about replacing your own battery. Also, make sure your phone actually needs it (your iPhone’s Battery Settings tell you if it needs service). We always recommend professional repair for your electronics, but you can save a few bucks as long as you know what you’re doing.

iPhone battery replacement is a pretty straightforward repair, and there plenty of tutorials online that demonstrate how to perform one. We'll be posting some of our own tutorials soon.

If your business is looking to ramp up your battery replacement services, browse our website for replacement batteries for Apple iPhones.

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