Our Favorite Apple iPhone 7 Features For #Top5Friday - Did We Leave Anything Out?

The Apple iPhone consistently impresses us with its form and functionality. With each generation there comes a new package of hardware and software updates that greatly surpass each previous model.

The story with 2016's iPhone 7 is no different. We've all been impressed with the improved HD retina display and 7 MegaPixel HD camera, but there are several other features that Apple really deserves extra credit for.

Have you taken the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus out for s spin yet? What were your first impressions? Here are our top 5. Let us know if we missed one!

5. A 10 fusion chip The A10 fusion chip is twice as fast as the Apple iPhone 6 and 40 percent faster than the iPhone 6s. It's much more energy efficient as well, leading to longer battery life.

4. LTE Upgrade You can download files onto your iPhone 7 at 450 Mbps, three times as fast as the iPhone 6. And added LTE bands means better coverage when roaming.

3. Dual Camera One an impressive 12MP wide-angle, the other a 12MP telephoto. Combines, these lenses offer peerless photography capability, allowing shutterbugs to make the most of post-capture editing, depth of field. and even 3D imaging.

2. Water Resistance Whereas its predecessor had a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 is now completely water and dust resistant, with a stronger seal bonding the smartphone's body to the touch screen and digitizer.

1. Stereo Sound The iPhone 7 blows away the 6S with its stereo speakers, delivering twice as much sound as previous models.

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