Our Core Values, as Embodied by the Dogs of Group Vertical

It’s June 21 and you know what that means (if you own a dog)! It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!

A number of us followed the annual edict, letting our canine companions accompany us through the workday, occasionally distracting us, sometimes worrying us when they disappear behind corners, and at times literally barking orders at us.

To our pleasant surprise, not only have our quartet of pooches made for an enjoyable, petting-filled work day, but they also perfectly embody the core values we hold dear at Group Vertical. Let’s see how they’ve done on their first day on the job.

CeCe – Ever-Improving

Snout held high, CeCe sniffs the air for traces of inefficiency. Our shipping operations already benefit from custom ergonomic packing stations and quick picking procedures to get your orders out the door as fast as possible -- and CeCe is particularly happy with our eco-friendly paper packaging – but there’s always room for improvement!

Henry – Committed

His fierce gaze cast upon the horizon – and not the horizon we see, but the horizon beyond that horizon – Henry searches for a picture of Group Vertical’s future, dedicating his time and talents to its continued success by providing the best possible products and services to our customers.

Nixon – Humble

Nixon loves a pat on the head as much as the next dog, but he knows that other dogs deserve pats on the head, too. He loves being part of a team: celebrating his coworkers’ successes, supporting them when they need help, and accepting help when he needs it, too. We’re all the better for Nix’s aw-shucks demeanor.

Dallas – Fun

Maybe Dallas is picking an order, maybe he’s taking a jog! Whatever his days brings him, he goes to work with a smile on his face because he knows he’s going to have fun doing it, taking joy in helping our customers and colleagues. It’s a philosophy that makes it easy to come into work each morning to handle what the day throws at us.

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