How often do you open a book? What about an app? 6 years prior to 2020 e-reading had been at a steady decline, one e-book company reported that in 2020 their sales were up 122%. The question that nobody is asking themselves because they already know is, “what happened in 2020 to make e-reading so popular?”

When the coronavirus forced nearly all the libraries across the country to close people had to find different ways to access new reading materials, and the answer was e-books. When most people hear e-reading their mind automatically associates a dedicated e-reader like an Amazon Kindle or something similar but the most used device for e-reading is an iPad, second only to a laptop.

Although early reporting in 2020 showed that most people chose to read different genres than they were previously used to (hello new true crime junkies), the human brain didn’t change. Our brains are designed to read black text on a white background. So even though inverting the colors of your iPads display and having light text on a dark background might make more sense because it lookers cleaner it is actually more difficult to read.

  • 1.Change the tint on your screen
  • -Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Color Filter.
  • 2.Try matching the light of your surroundings
  • -Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Color Filters.
  • 3.Play around with your settings
  • -Settings > General > Accessibility: make the text bold, play around with the font size, change the contrast or brightness

From the beginning of last March over 343,000 people have signed up for virtual library cards, and statistics show even with the reopening of libraries this number will continue to rise so it is important to know how to take care of your eyes while you’re taking care of your brain by reading.