Michael Barrette’s Wireless Repair Zone Keeps Phones Out Of the Danger Zone

Michigan's Flint area has been home to the Wireless Repair Zone for the last five years, and much to the benefit of local smart phone users, the zone is expanding.

Owner Michael Barrette attributes his business' success to the Wireless Repair Zone's peerless customer service. Barrette has been working in the support industry for over 20 years and says that delivering the best possible service is a keystone of the Wireless Repair Zone experience. Benefits like a year-long warranty on repairs and parts keep customers coming back, too.

When Barrette isn't managing the Wireless Repair Zone, he runs a large data center, but he's available at the shop's new 333 N Main St. facility, in downtown Davison the last few hours of each business day, and all day on Fridays and Saturdays.

"When I'm there, I try to talk and educate customers, leaving the standard repairs to my techs," Barrette says. "But I still work on my more complicated [cases] when we get behind on repairs."

Michael and the Wireless Repair Zone rely on Group Vertical for smartphone replacement parts of all kinds. He says it's not only a convenient relationship but one that provides his shop with all he needs to keep his own customers happy.

"I have to admit, when I first started using Group Vertical it was only based on location, I wanted to have a supplier here in Michigan," Barrette says. "I then came to depend on your large section of parts stocked. With the disappearance of some of the other large suppliers, I now rely on Group Vertical for a large part of our inventory."

Visit the Wireless Repair Zone for service today and you'll find custom cases, handy how-to guides, and an easy link to schedule your next repair. Barrette and team also offer monthly service plans with no contract or credit check, and nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States.

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