Make Money Off Your Broken Or Unwanted LCD Screens

Technology moves fast. Before you know it, that Apple iPhone or Samsung smart phone is going to start showing signs of wear. A cracked screen or sub-par speeds mean it's time to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted repair clients. And if you're one of those clients, you no doubt come across a lot of unwanted LCD screens. Instead of throwing them away, let us take those broken or unwanted mobile devices off your hands and help you make some money in the process.

The Group Vertical Buyback Program offers you money for many popular wireless devices—no matter the carrier. And the process is simple: fill out our online form, send us your eligible LCD screens, and we'll credit your account for over $45 a screen in some cases. We are now accepting popular iPhone screens as well as LCDs for many Samsung models. On our Buyback Form page, you can find out what models we are accepting and how much you stand to make in either in-store credit or a PayPal refund from selling them back to us. Fill out the simple form and a Group Vertical representative will contact you by email to discuss your payment.

Our buyback prices are based on market supply and demand and subject to change. We intend to repurpose or recycle all of the devices sent back to us, and while many outdated devices have no buyback value, you can help us eliminate electronic waste by sending them to us anyway.

Buyback program policy:

  • All LCD’s must be from original manufacturer (OEM) to receive credit. No copy LCD’s will be accepted. Any LCD’s determined to be non-working or non-OEM will be discarded unless requested to be returned. Any returned screens will be sent at your shipping expense.
  • Group Vertical must receive all broken screens/LCDs within 10 days of our buy back confirmation.
  • Seller is responsible for all shipping and insurance. Please upload tracking as well once your buy-back has been shipped so we can correctly track this.
  • Minimum quantity for buy-back program is 50 screens total. These can be from different manufacturers/models.
  • Group Vertical will provide you a summary of the testing results after we receive your shipment. We ask that you review these results/amounts and send us your acknowledgment prior to issuing payment. Please allow up to 7 days for this to occur after we receive your screens.
  • Group Vertical will issue store credit within 48 hours of your acceptance of our testing or issue alternative payment (PayPal or check) within 21 days of your confirmation.

While we at Group Vertical pride ourselves on leading the industry in solutions for the latest technology, we also want to promote a culture of sustainability. Millions of mobile devices find their way to obsolescence or become trash every day. That's too much. The Group Vertical Buyback Program helps us do our part in cleaning up these unwanted devices while providing you, our customers, with a great incentive to do the same.