iOS 15 and Your Privacy

When you think of currency you think of normal things like: the US Dollar, the Euro, and even Bitcoin. You would never think of your personal data as a currency, but maybe you should. In 2015 Comcast allegedly published 75,000 customers' personal data, which According to a study published around the same time each person's email was worth up to $89.

2 years ago when I sold phones, anytime a customer would tell me their privacy was their number one priority and would ask what I would recommend for them the answer was always the same, Apple. That’s because since their beginning Apple has been synonymous with privacy.

In April, Apple announced a software update that allowed consumers to ask apps to not track their data. In September, Apple decided that wasn’t enough and pushed the envelope even further with how they can protect consumers personal data.

One of the two major privacy updates Apple launched was Mail Privacy Protection. MPP works by hiding the loading content in the background and your IP address. This prevents companies from tracking your location at the city, state, or regional level and makes it harder for companies to sell your personal information.

Coming in a later phase of the iOS 15 update is the App Privacy Report which gives a 7 day report of your app activity and provides more visibility to what apps are using and tracking your information.

So go ahead, sign up for all of the welcome emails that give you coupons, Apple makes it safe for you. 

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