How to Get the Best Video from your Vertii HD Action Camera

The VERTII HD Action Cameras are always a hot seller. With so much functionality packed into a high-tech gadget, it's no surprise.

To make sure you get the most out of filming with an Action Camera, here are some tips to take along on your next adventure:

Know Your Settings

The Action Cameras can be set to two different video settings, 1080p (wide) at 60/30fps, and 720p (narrow) at 120/60fps. Getting to know when and why to use either setting is important to capturing the best video.

The 1080p (wide) setting is the default and most versatile setting for the Action Camera. At this setting, you can capture a high-quality video with good peripheral quality at 60 frames per second. The Action Camera can also produce decent slow-motion video in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

In the 720p setting, the Action Camera offers a more focused frame of view and captures motion and detail easily at 120 frames per second.

Mount Up

Earthquake footage can be interesting to watch, but it's a fair bet that you aren't filming exclusively on active fault lines, so steady that lens!

VERTII Action Camera kits come with mounting accessories so you can fasten your camera securely. Before you hit record, though, make sure you know what you're shooting on. For example, mounting your Action Camera to bicycle handlebars will produce choppier video than from your helmet, as your body will absorb most of the shock while riding. Mounting your camera outside may even call for waterproofing--luckily our kits come with cases for that, too.

Aim True

When you're shooting with an Action Camera, you've got a lot of technological capacity working for you. Your videos need to show that, so get creative. Some of the best videos are shot from an unusual perspective--a point of view you don't normally see. Some ideas to try:

    -Mount the camera on a bike helmet and explore your city or trails.
    -Need more reach? A broomstick and electrical tape are surprisingly helpful.
    -Grab other supporting images you can edit in later.
    -With two Action Cameras you can create thrilling chase sequences.
    -Mount your camera outside and condense hours of footage into a time-lapse video.
    -Try different positions and angles that you can blend together into one exciting feature.

What's Your Plan?

Many great videos have been shot with a Group Vertical Action Camera by just hitting record and hoping for the best, but there's no harm in planning your shoot.

Think about what you want your video to look like before and during filming, not just while editing. What are the environmental factors that may affect your shoot? You may have to pack more equipment to capture the best video. If you're feeling ambitious, jot down a quick script to follow and look for common themes to weave through your footage in editing.


Once you've finished principal photography on your masterpiece, it's time to chop it up.

Take all the video files you've created and transfer them to your computer, making sure to rename the files in a style you can easily reference. Next, get rid of any blurry or unneeded files. You may want to sketch out a timeline or storyboard for your video if you intend to rearrange your footage.

There are free video editing tools available online. Wevideo is a cloud-based collaborative platform. while Magisto and Loopster allow for quick and simple movie creation with added features.

Most Importantly

Don't forget to have fun, of course!

We previously posted a video taken with the VERTII HD Action Camera, showing the gadget's functionality both above and underwater. But we're also interested in what our friends and customers can capture, so feel free to link your best examples on our facebook page!

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