Group Vertical is Growing!

Thanks to a decades’ worth of great customers, persistence, and hard work, Group Vertical is getting bigger! We’re happy to announce after nearly three months of construction, our new office space is ready to show off.

Construction itself required a level of endurance, involving a lot of odd smells and gnarly sawing sounds – of metal, concrete, and wood, in descending order of ear-splitting displeasure. But now that it’s over, we got what we were waiting for: a view of the river!

As owner Ryan Schut is keen to remind everyone here, it’s short term pain for long term gain. And it’s even better for our customers. Ryan says, “We’re always looking to serve our customers better, and that means growing in the right direction. The people who fill this new space will push us in that direction.”

Our new 1,600-square foot space includes four private suites and an open office space for our growing sales and marketing team. It also makes elbow room for our expanding customer service team to continue providing the best answers and solutions to your concerns.

This new space is a milestone on our path to provide the very best in technology and customer service. Now that we’re ready to move in, we’re excited to shift our focus to the next step on that mission. Your support is what makes it all possible, and for that we say thank you. Here’s to another decade of growth (and a moon base in 2037)!

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