Chromebook Replacement Parts Now In Stock, The Latest Trend In Educational Tools

Chromebooks are growing in popularity, especially among educators. And as a supplier of the latest technological solutions, we at Group Vertical are happy to lend some help.

The price point for most brands of Chromebooks is quite affordable. The devices themselves are durable and easily maintained, and they can run many popular apps within its cloud-based capabilities. Not only is the Chromebook capable of running powerful image editing software like Adobe Photoshop's Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and many Android apps are also executable in the slimmed down Chrome OS.

So what is a Chromebook, anyway? Think of it as a laptop with incredible processing speed that only uses web-based applications. Power it up and in about 7 seconds you'll have full access to the device's only native app -- the Google Chrome browser. From there, you have access to thousands of other apps you can download as needed to handle email, photos, documents, and other items. And each Chromebook is allotted 100 GB of cloud storage, which you can use to store and access your most important files on the go.

Where once schools kept carts full of iPads for students to use, Chromebooks are being lauded as a less expensive and more reliable alternative. Of course, Group Vertical stocks replacement parts for many models of both, but we've noticed that the most common purchases in our Chromebooks department have been keyboard and LCD assemblies. Repairing these elements is quite easy, as ClassThink runs through in this informative video:

We're glad we can stock these parts and provide educators with special pricing, net terms, and handle any POs. Currently, Group Vertical stocks parts for the following brands of Chromebooks, and we will be adding more soon:

  • ASUS
  • ACER
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Toshiba

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