Build Your Bottom Line With $.99 Cases And Other Popular Accessories

For all the incredible technology available in today's mobile devices, few are advanced enough to help you upsell your clients like accessories and cases from Group Vertical.

After years of helping repair professionals stay in stock with affordable replacement parts, we've grown to understand the reasons they're called to make repairs in the first place. Often times, a case or tempered glass is all it takes to protect a smartphone from immediate disaster, and along with an appreciation for diligent repair services, your clients will no doubt appreciate the opportunity to protect your handiwork with a reliable case.

Group Vertical is proud to stock Vertii Tempered Glass, which is designed to shatter before the touch screen does, and a variety of cases for many popular smartphone models. Repair professionals from around the world are already taking advantage of our low prices. And now, many are expanding their lines with these value-adding extras.

It's easier than ever to grow your business with cases from going for $.99 each while supplies last. Multiplied by each call you make, items like cases, tempered glass, and other accessories add up quickly, as well as improving your business' reputation.

Happy customers are much more likely to recommend your services to a friend, or leave a positive review, and we all know how important those are!

When you're ready to stock up on the cases and accessories that could help you build up your bottom line, we're ready to point you in the right direction. Click the button below to shop cases now!

Along with $.99 cases and access to our full stock of replacement parts for the latest smartphones, tablets, and computers, Group Vertical members get unbeatable customer service, exclusive guarantees, cart level discounts, and low wholesale pricing every day. There are no hoops to jump through, and no extra lists to sign up on.

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