Back to School With Group Vertical

Originally technology found its way into the classroom to prepare the U.S. educational system for the Cold War era. But over the last 50 years, we’ve gone from using technology as an isolated occurrence in the classroom to a staple educational tool.

In the mid-’80s Apple started the process of slowly integrating itself into the classroom until eventually, it made itself a staple in schools across America. Since launching the iPad in 2010 nearly 1 million of them have gone into the school system.

iPads are used in the classroom for many different things like research, taking notes, creating presentations, and much more. But iPads can only be used as a learning tool if they’re in working order. One school in Washington reported that in an average year they can expect a breakage rate of 10-12%. Many schools are starting to see broken devices as an opportunity instead of a challenge by instituting Student Repair Programs.

Whether the school is choosing to do a student repair program, have repair techs in-house, or have a local repair shop handle the repairs it is important to have access to quality repair parts. At Group Vertical we make sure that you always have access to the parts you need at prices that beat our competitors.

Getting ready for the Cold War led to the introduction of technology into the classroom the same way that COVID-19 led to wearing masks. Even though mask mandates have been widely lifted across the country there are still 10 states that require students to wear masks while in school. As well as making sure you have access to the iPad parts you need our sister company Vertical PPE can provide you with the PPE you need to get ready for the school year.

Whatever you need to prepare for the 2021-2022 school year Group Vertical has you covered. Visit us at the websites below to see everything we offer.

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