Apple Watch Screen Defects Result in Lawsuit

A new lawsuit against Apple alleges that a defect in Apple Watches, from the first series through Series 3, results in the screen inexplicably breaking and detaching from the watch body. The lawsuit, brought forth by a Colorado resident and Apple Watch Series 2 owner, collects from other complaints found online, and alleges that Apple hid the defect and continued to introduce new models without addressing it.

It’s also a reminder of a related issue with cracking Apple Watch screens caused by swollen batteries. Apple copped to this problem and has been working on the issue, in addition to offering free repairs for select Apple Watch models for up to three years after purchase.

But what if a swollen battery isn’t responsible for punching out a screen? In that case, according to the suit, Apple isn’t willing to cover the repair under warranty. Apple Watch owners could be looking at a $200-300 bill for a certified Apple repair on a detached screen.

Repair Isn't Covered Under Warranty

Apple Watch Series 2 digitizer and LCD

Apple may come around and offer these repairs under warranty once more is known about the alleged defect, but for now Apple Watch owners can expect a hefty fee for repair if they find their screens hanging on by a thread.

This is the latest in a recent barrage of high-profile lawsuits to hit Apple, and detaching screens aren’t the only problem associated with Apple Watches. Some Series 3 screens are developing stripes, and back covers have been popping off Series 1 bodies.

If you regularly repair Apple Watches, keep your eyes peeled for signs of this defect and listen to how their owners say the damage occurred. Until the lawsuit is resolved or Apple announces action intended to address this alleged defect, you can count on performing plenty of these repairs.

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