It’s the holiday season, a lot of people will be getting new iPhones, iPads, or Apple watches, this year. But possibly the best Christmas present Apple has given us, is finally allowing self repair.

In a huge move stemming from the Right to Repair Act, Apple announced on the 17th of November that they will be making it easier for the average consumer to have access to genuine Apple repair parts.

In early 2022 self service options will be available starting iPhone 12 and will increase part offerings from there. The first phase of the program will offer displays, batteries, and cameras which are the most commonly serviced parts of the phone.

COO Jeff Williams wanted to create easier access of OEM parts to the end user for self repair.

As of right now if you want your phone repaired with genuine repair parts you have to go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider which can take weeks to get into and might cost you more than the phone is worth.

Group Vertical is dedicated to getting the best products possible for local repair shops and independent products owners and we are so excited to have the option to offer genuine OEM Apple parts. 

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