Apple’s Great January iPhone SE Clearance Sale

It’s back! It’s back! Wait, it’s gone.

For one brief, magical weekend, Apple started selling the iPhone SE on its website despite announcing the device’s discontinuation back in September. Of course, the brief return of the highly coveted smartphone is exciting enough, but the more interesting aspects of this story lie in the details.

The iPhone SE was listed to the clearance section without fanfare. Its starting price was $100 down from its regular price. Its return comes on the heels of an alarming announcement to investors, disappointing sales figures, and a lackluster response to Apple’s latest lineup.

The Rumor Mill Reopened

It goes without saying that the rumor mill is in full production. Might this mean an updated iPhone SE is on the way? Is Apple gauging interest in a newly designed, affordable smartphone to balance out its high-end offerings? Or is Apple simply clearing house and trying to make up for low unit sales?

We covered the rumors surrounding an updated iPhone SE shortly after they lost traction last year, but the idea of an updated version is suddenly exciting again. Imagine Apple coming up with an actual midrange smartphone (and we’re not talking about the iPhone XR here) to reengage with average consumers once again. If this closeout sale really is the litmus test it’s rumored to be, Apple may be looking for a way to stave off its shrinking unit sales by focusing on the benefits that a wider customer base is interested in paying for.

Long Term Repairs

However this plays out, it’s great news for the repair industry. When a smartphone is embraced as warmly as the iPhone SE, owners will try to hold onto them as long as possible, and that means repairing them when needed!

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