Add-ons Are The Easiest Way To Increase Your Mobile Repair Business

One of the easiest ways for a repair business to increase its sales is by offering complementary items to go along with their most popular services.

Items like smartphone accessories, protection, and charging adapters are purchased even more often than new smartphones themselves. A well-stocked repair outfit is undoubtedly going to impress their customers, and it's never been easier to find those items all in one place.

Our business is based on helping repair professionals and companies meet their customers' needs, and we've found a number of items that have truly made a difference in add-on or upselling opportunities.


Safety is valuable. Protecting an investment is often preferred to repairing it, and the most successful repair professionals are stocked to handle both.

Group Vertical caries a number of cases, currently on sale for $.99 each. They're a great way to add value to any service by including in a repair, offering as a discounted bundle, or stocking in your own store.

Vertii Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is designed to provide protection in the event of a drop. As the glass is just slightly more brittle than the LCD touch screen digitizer of a phone, it will absorb the majority of the damage, shatter first, and can be easily replaced.

Tempered glass is exceptionally thin, and applied easily, making them ideal for upselling opportunities. You can find our entire line of Vertii Tempered Glass here, or by simply searching on

Tools and Accessories

We don't just mean attractive polishing cloths, although we include them with every purchase. Tools and accessories can be as popular with regular smartphone and tablet users as they are with repair professionals. Group Vertical carries specialized tool kits for all popular devices, and a number of other items like testing and soldering equipment that can really help with more intricate services.

Tablet stands and screw mats are only handy when you have them, and when you don't, you may wish you did. Find them both at Group Vertical, and you'll always be prepared.

HD Action Camera

For those who want to capture every pixel of their memories, these cameras are easy to carry and pack a lot of power in such a small device. The Vertii HD Action Cameras at Group Vertical are as affordable as they are capable of capturing crystal clear video at up to 60 frames per second.

Mounting and waterproof accessories are available as a package from Group Vertical, as well as this handy guide to getting the most out of your camera.

Vertii USB Cables

Because there's nothing more frustrating than losing power when you don't have a cable around. Vertii Lightning cables are MFi Certified, and come in USB-C format as well. These cables will reliably charge your (and your customers') new Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, along with a number of other devices.

Vertii cables are produced by trusted manufacturers, and designed to provide safe and quick charging, while standing up to regular use, day after day.