When you need high quality replacement parts for your repair job, you need them now, delivered on time and without hassle. For those of us working in the fast-paced smartphone industry, knowing when a part is going to be in stock is almost as valuable as having it in your hand.

Group Vertical offers a number of features for keeping clients in the know when it comes to restocking replacement parts and shipping them out. From our countdown clock that indicates when our last shipment will be made, to our newest feature that lets you know when parts are in stock, we've got your needs covered.

Here are five ways Group Vertical is helping people in the mobile repair business stay on top of their inventory, and keep the most popular products in stock.

5. Countdown clock

Keep an eye on the red countdown clock at the top of GroupVertical.com and you'll see when our final shipments for the day will be sent out through our various channels.

We guarantee your order (of all in stock parts) will ship the same day if placed by 5:30p EST, Mon-Fri. This rule applies to all shipping methods excluding FedEx Ground which has a cutoff of 4:30p EST. Group Vertical will give you a $25 store credit should we not have your order out the same day!

4. Free Shipping

Group Vertical ships daily Monday through Friday (excluding national US holidays) from our secure warehouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan to customers worldwide.

If you are in need of Saturday delivery, please contact our office at 1-616-425-9141 or toll free at 1-800-425-8131 for a shipping quote.

3. Lifetime Returns

Our experienced technicians inspect and tests all products purchased from GroupVertical.com prior to shipment. If you receive a defective or damaged product we will pay for the return shipping costs and give you a full refund or in-store credit.

2. Same-Day Guarantee

When you place your order before the daily deadline indicating when our last shipments are made, you can rest easy knowing your order will leave our warehouse before the end of the day.

We work with trusted shipping channels, like FedEx, UPS, and USPS, to ensure your order is shipped correctly, safely, and on time.

1. Backorder Alerts

This is our newest feature and one our clients are most excited about.

Directly below each of the product listings on our website, you'll always find details on groupvertical.com exclusive pricing. And now, when one of those products is out of stock, you'll also notice an orange alert indicating when the item is expected to arrive back on our shelves.

The Back Order Alerts are updated in real time as we hear from our suppliers, so you know exactly what's in stock, what's coming soon, and when it will be here.

Never wonder again about when those important parts are going to be in stock, and count on Group Vertical to keep you ahead of the curve!

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