Credit Lines Now Available with Behalf

Get longer terms on everything you buy.

Group Vertical has partnered with Behalf to offer you more buying power with best-in-class payment terms on all of your purchases. Buy with our purchasing line of credit today and pay over time on a schedule you choose. When you pay with Behalf, you get:

More Buying Power
Instantly qualify for up to $50k in revolving credit to fund your purchases.
Longer Terms
Enjoy up to six months to pay on a customized weekly or monthly plan.
More than half of Behalf's customers say their Behalf financing rate is lower than their credit card's.
Start by using the qualification tool above to estimate your terms.
Checking your eligibility will not impact your credit.

How It Works

Apply for an instant decision
Apply for an instant decision
Qualify and start using your purchasing power immediately.

Choose Group Vertical
Choose Group Vertical
Select Group Vertical out of Behalf's vendor network.

Pick Your Terms
Pick your terms
Decide how you want to pay with a customized schedule.

Pay Group Vertical
Pay Group Vertical
Send payment to us instantly with your Behalf line of credit.