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iPad 4

The Apple iPad 4 looks virtually the same as its predecessor. The only major differences between the two generations is that the iPad 4 has an increased 128 gigabytes of storage, an improved front-facing camera, and uses the Lightning cable connector rather than the 30-pin connector of previous generations. The digitizer touchscreen is virtually the same as the one used on the iPad 3, except that the iPad 4 has an additional flex cable for the home button. The bezel (frame) spacers can be used interchangeably with the iPad 3. However, the back housings and some of the internal parts are unique to each particular generation. Like the iPad 3, the iPad 4 also has a Wi-Fi-only version (model A1458) and Wi-Fi and cellular versions (model A1459 and A1460). This model was released in late 2012.

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