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DC AC Power Jack Plug HP TX1000 TX1100 TX1200 TX1300 TX

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DC AC Power Jack Plug HP TX1000 TX1100 TX1200 TX1300 TX

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New DC IN AC Power Jack Socket Connector Port for:

HP Pavilion Tablet PC TX1000 Series:
TX1000CTO, TX1000zCTO, TX1001au, TX1001xx, TX1002au, TX1002xx, TX1003au, TX1004au, TX1005au, TX1006au, TX1007au, TX1008au, TX1009au, TX1010au, TX1011au, TX1012au, TX1013au, TX1014au, TX1015au, TX1016au, TX1017au, TX1019au, TX1020au, TX1020ea, TX1021au, TX1030ea, TX1030la, TX1040ea, TX1070br, TX1080ea

HP Pavilion Tablet PC TX1100 Series:
TX1110us, TX1115nr, TX1119us, TX1120us, TX1127cl,

HP Pavilion Tablet PC TX1200 Series:
TX1200CTO, TX1201au, TX1202au, TX1203au, TX1204au, TX1205au, TX1205us, TX1206au, TX1207au, TX1208au, TX1208ca, TX1209au, TX1210au, TX1210ca, TX1210us, TX1211au, TX1212au, TX1213au, TX1214au, TX1215au, TX1215nr, TX1216au, TX1217au, TX1217cl, TX1218au, TX1218ca, TX1219au, TX1219us, TX1220au, TX1220ca, TX1220us, TX1221au, TX1222au, TX1223au, TX1224au, TX1225au, TX1226au, TX1228ca, TX1230la, TX1232la, TX1240ef, TX1240er, TX1250ea, TX1250ee, TX1250eg, TX1250el, TX1250en, TX1250eo, TX1250es, TX1250et, TX1260ea, TX1270ed, TX1270eo, TX1270ep, TX1270es, TX1280er,

HP Pavilion Tablet PC TX1300 Series:
TX1301au, TX1302au, TX1303au, TX1304au, TX1304ca, TX1305au, TX1305ca, TX1305us, TX1306au, TX1306nr, TX1307au, TX1308au, TX1308ca, TX1308nr, TX1309au, TX1310au, TX1311au, TX1312au, TX1313au, TX1314au, TX1314ca, TX1315au, TX1316au, TX1317au, x1318au, TX1318ca, TX1319au, TX1320au, TX1320ca, TX1320eg, TX1320eo, TX1320er, TX1320es, TX1320us, TX1321au, TX1325ep, TX1325es, TX1325nr, TX1327cl, TX1330es, TX1330la, TX1332la, TX1340ea, TX1340es, TX1345eo, TX1350ed, TX1350ee, TX1350ef, TX1350el, TX1350en, TX1350er, TX1350et, TX1360er, TX1390ef,

HP Pavilion Tablet PC TX1400 Series:
TX1401au, TX1402au, TX1403au, TX1404au, TX1410us, TX1414ca, TX1416ca, TX1417cl, TX1418ca, TX1419nr, TX1420ca, TX1420us, TX1499us

HP Pavilion Tablet PC TX2000 Series:
TX2000, TX2000CTO, TX2000US

HP Pavilio

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