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xBox One

The Microsoft Xbox One video game console was released in 2013. It competes with the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Wii U. Like the original Xbox, it is a horizontal device, but also has additional pieces, such as a set-top box to watch cable or satellite TV through the console. It also has voice control and even better motion detection. Initially, the digital rights for the game content were highly restricted, and the device and peripherals had to be plugged in and connected to the internet in order to work. However, Microsoft relaxed the rights management and adjusted the console to work without Kinect or internet connection for greater user privacy. Unfortunately, it is not backward compatible with the prior models. The Xbox One controller is very different, including eliminating the start and back buttons, adding impulse triggers, and having the option of a USB charging add-on. The Xbox 360 controllers are not compatible with the Xbox One.

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